Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

E-commerce A B C
Opening of Account Free 100 EUR 250 EUR 250 EUR
Maintenance per IBAN / month 1 EUR / GBP 5 EUR / GBP 15 EUR / GBP 29 EUR / GBP
Internal Payments Free Free Free Free
Incoming Local Payments in EUR/GBP Up to 1% depending on the volume min. 1 EUR / 1 GBP Free Free Free
Outgoing Local Payments in EUR/GBP 1 EUR / GBP 1 EUR / GBP 0.25% min. 1 EUR / GBP 0.5% min. 1 EUR / GBP
Incoming Cross-border Payments Free Free Free Free
Outgoing Cross-border Payments 25 EUR / GBP 0.25% min. 25 EUR / GBP 0.5% min. 25 EUR / GBP 1% min. 25 EUR / GBP
Currency Exchange 1%*
Initial Capital Account Administration Fee 250 EUR
Monthly Account Inactivity Fee 100 EUR

*The exact exchange rate may vary at a given time due to the size of the order, currency pair, market conditions and other factors.

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For compliance intensive applications different pricing conditions may apply. For more information, please contact us at: [email protected]

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