Your Exclusive Personal/Business Account

  • Open a Personal/Business Account online wherever you: are in Europe, China or any other country. Our modern online KYC system and video identification replaces lengthy face-to-face meetings and administrative paperwork in traditional commercial banks

  • Collect and send funds locally and internationally and keep your funds in different currencies and exchange them at competitive rates

  • Open and use multiple Personal/Business accounts and share the rights to your account with other users allowing them different levels of access

Send or Receive Local Payments in Europe

  • Take advantage of an European IBAN (International Bank Account Number) account which allows you to send and receive EUR payments directly to your account from 34 European countries that are in SEPA (Single European Payments Area)

  • Send and collect EUR payments in Europe extremely fast. Euro payments within SEPA are settled 5 times a day, every working day, and usually reaches the recipient within a few hours

  • Transfers to your other Seven Seas Finance Accounts or other users are free of charge and settled instantly

Multi-currency Cross-border Payments

  • Send funds to your Personal/Business account to and from 212 countries in the world

  • Our cross-border transfers are usually completed within 1-2 working days depending on the currency, recipient bank and country

Currency Exchange

  • Collect and keep your funds in different currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, HKD and CNY (offshore Chinese Renminbi)

  • Save on currency conversion with fair & transparent exchange rates that are cheaper than at commercial banks

  • Negotiate your exchange rates for bigger amounts by getting in touch with us

  • Exact exchange rates depend on time, currency pair and amount. Additional currencies may be added upon request from the client. Contact Customer Service to find our more.

Currencies we support

E-Commerce Funds Collection

  • Use your Personal/Business Accounts to collect funds from e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Wish worldwide

  • You can keep collected funds in Europe, exchange them to another currency and/or send them to your bank back home

  • Contact Customer Service for more information about the collection accounts for the desired regions and currencies